Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How long is cantaloupe good for?

I've been a fan of Blind Melon for years, but wasn't until recently that I started to like cantaloupe. Didn't even know how to spell it until now. I spelled it cantelope on my first attempt. Good thing I still got my looks. Anyway, Holly got me into it...she can bring home the melon! Chop it up in the fridge. Then I can take it to work and forget about it for about a week and haaaaaaaallllfff....cause shes a woman! Not sure how long we had the cantaloupe at home. Was in the fridge at least a day or two. Brought it into work Wednesday the 22nd. I took the afternoon off to go to the lake (I'll come back later with those pics) and forgot to eat my melon. I was also off Thursday and Friday cause we drove 600 miles to El Paso to take my brother home and to visit. Came into the office on Monday...forgot the melon was still there. Tuesday....forgot. Finally this morning I go to put my lunch in the fridge and sooo happy to see my melon still there. I took it to the office to eat and realized its been a while. So I open it and it smells delicioso! I inspect for mold. Inspection clean. The taste test...slightly softer than I remember melon being, but tasty nonetheless. I ask some friends how long melon one knows, but chellers offers this link that says cut up melon in the fridge lasts 3 days.

I'm still eating the melon. We'll see how I'm felling this afternoon...


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  2. Thank you for your help!